My journey began in Baltimore, Maryland on the Special Effects crew for movies. It was called practical FX – like making it snow and rain, setting real fire, wrecking cars, and shooting the stuntman. It was my film school.

After a few feature films and seeing what the rest of the crew did, I realized my skills could be utilized best on the Production side of the process.  So I did what any up-and-coming somebody living and working in Hollywood would do…

I moved to Nebraska.

Wait, what?

Hold on. It was a good. The simple concept of clean air, green grass, and nice people was refreshing…

I began to work as a Production Coordinator and Manager on TV commercials, corporate films, and photo shoots. I have worked on studio movies here too, within the Locations department.

Over the years, I have managed all types of shoots, location-scouted most of them, and produced entire projects. I am a Location Scout and Manager who can also be a Producer.

I go where the project sends me.

Servicing Nebraska, the west coast of Iowa, and the immediate region if needed. I have traveled and worked throughout most of the U.S.A.

Here’s my resume / CV.



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