My journey began on the Special Effects crew for movies. It was called practical FX like making it snow and rain, setting real fire, wrecking cars, and shooting the stuntman. It was my film school.

After a few feature films and seeing what the rest of the crew did, I realized my skills could be utilized best on the Production side of the process.  So I did what any up-and-coming somebody living and working in Hollywood would do…

I moved to Nebraska.

Wait, what?

Hold on. It was a good thing. The simple concept of clean air, green grass, and nice people was refreshing…

I began to work as a Production Coordinator and Manager on TV commercials, corporate films, and photo shoots. I have worked on studio movies here too, within the Locations department.

Over the years, I have managed all types of shoots, location-scouted most of them, and produced entire projects. I am a Location Scout and Manager who can also be a Producer.

I go where the project sends me.

Servicing Nebraska, the west coast of Iowa, and the immediate region if needed. I have traveled and worked throughout most of the U.S.A.

Here’s my resume / CV.




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