2017 and My Projects leaving the Shelf

Updated 2/28/22
Getting into my too many long-on-the shelf  projects…
I’m only ten years or so behind, so I figure I have to average about three per year for the next ten.

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What’s Next?

Many people ask me about the state of the production business (as in film, commercial motion pictures, video, photography for advertising, or whatever it’s called these days). Well, the short answer is – if I knew those answers, I would be in the business of predicting the future.

It wasn’t long ago, when all of us who were doing it – felt like we were members of a community. A semi exclusive club, held in somewhat of a higher regard. Respected and respectful. Proud. Entry was earned through dues paid or who you knew… or even the occasional resume got you work. You were the envy of those who aspired to be like you. Those who wanted in, asked questions. How do you do that? How can I be a part of it? Will you teach me?

Things are different these days.

Changes affect everybody’s world in different ways. Adjustments must be made to continue on. Especially if you are doing what you love and hope to be doing it for years to come…

It’s too easy to blame technology, the economy, or the new generation. The facts are, the process has been tweaked, the budgets are smaller, and our industry is different. Yes my friends, it is different. There are different Definitions.

These times are indeed the most exciting yet the most scary at the same time.

I would put this out there to my colleagues. Change – for your own better. Adjust your paths as they narrow. Consider – alternate revenue streams – now. Expand your view of where you are and where you want to go.

You can still be a part of it or watch it all go by from the next scenic overlook.


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