My Book: Creating Scenic Overlooks in New Mexico

Creating Scenic… NM 2014-09-25 at 10.36.50 AMI am proud to announce the publishing of my new photo book!  A visual collection of images and words, Creating Scenic Overlooks in New Mexico is equal parts travel journal, photography, love letter, and life metaphor.

Reflecting on the diverse land, wide sky, honored architecture, tasty food, and diverse animals, I suggest a scenic overlook can be anywhere that feels good – to you. Although there are no hot-air balloons or snow, I think I captured enough of this scenic southwest State in America to tantalize you to visit…

Modest in size (10×8 inches or 25×20 cm) and brief on pages (28) but robust in photos (65+) it is a big THANK YOU for the gift of scenery in the United States – and life.

See the publishing site page via Blurb by tapping a photo or the Title or here. There is now an E version for iPad (only). Click HERE for that one. You can choose to purchase or simply share it throughout the social networks.  Thank you.

And / or to see select images from the book, visit my Images page Please know that my watermark will not appear on any ordered photos.

Thank you so much for your support and continued followship – and love.Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 2.25.00 PM


Spring is the New January

Spring. Things begin to grow again, color returns to the trees and grass, and more sun makes us happy. It feels like we can get moving again after being holed up inside away from the misery of the ice planet. Okay that last part is for us misguided people living in a place that has winter. But seriously, a warmer, brighter, colorful time of year is a much better time to start anything fresh. Your mind is clear and you get to wear less clothes. Baby grass Jamie Vesay 2WM TRD IMG_7312 - Version 2

Yes, January is the beginning of the calendar. They call January 1st New Year’s Day. It’s when you’re suppose to start new diets or buy storage bins and sort through your crap. The commercials are rampant with organizing your life, make a list of goals, get on some sort of medication, buy stuff in a bundle, just do something!

Spring makes more sense because it’s a season. There’s more time to plan, to design, and to do in small portions. And if you’re one of those bitter winter people, you know how absurd it is to own big coats and hope for more daylight to get through January.

I’m voting for Spring to be the new January. It feels like better timing. Who’s with me?


There is a style of production, a genre if you will, that when produced correctly, can be a fantastic adventure.

Production on the road. Where a project gives you the gift of visiting new places, meeting real people, and collaborating with fellow professionals in a different environment – it all can make for some of the most memorable experiences in work – and life.

When you are paid to do such amazing things as rise before the sun just to watch it come up, to listen to human beings tell their very personal stories, to explore landscapes and historic structures in the name of better photography, to learn about an industry other than your own or a plight or cause – because you’re genuinely interested, to bond with strangers and have them become new friends for life.  All of it becomes very difficult to call what I do – a job.

Among all of these elements that are offered by this kind of opportunity, far and away my favorite thing is the simplicity of spending time with colleagues.  Yes, you have collaborated all day toward your common creative goals. The work is completed. But while you travel to the next location or have a meal together, a new level of camaraderie within the crew – can happen. And when it does – it’s all good.

Some of the greatest career production experiences of my life have occurred on the road.

Thank you crew. Thank you clients. Thank you all.

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