2017 and My Projects leaving the Shelf

Finally getting into my long-on-the shelf  projects…
I’m only ten years or so behind, so I figure I have to average about three per year for the next ten. Who’s with me?

A beloved project on the front burner is Fauna’s Thread. Pop on over to the website or Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.

th_Faunas Thread ONE SHEET Crane sunset 1 32415 Jamie Vesay RAW LBLD WM2x IMG_6804 - Version 2
THANKS, to my family and true friends – for the support and inspiration.


Jamie Vesay is a collaborator to Filmmakers, Photographers, and Creatives within commercial advertising campaigns and diverse creative projects.

Please support your local economy.

He is your partner through creative, production, and beyond.

Scout | Manager | Writer | Producer


Initial WORK inquiries, questions to VesaysRep@gmail.com  

Jamie Vesay Images at  newsmugmuglogo                         

LOCATION SCOUT PHOTOS and intel at NebraskaLocation.com

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Collaborator first

I am a Collaborator to filmmakers, photographers, and creatives within commercial advertising campaigns and budgeted creative projects.

A first step is to invite me into the project.  What do you want to achieve…  What is your vision?

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I am a partner through creative, production, and beyond.

I Scout I Manage I Produce.

VesaysRep@gmail.com                                                                                                            Jamie Vesay’s resume / CV 

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