Spring is the New January

Spring. Things begin to grow again, color returns to the trees and grass, and more sun makes us happy. It feels like we can get moving again after being holed up inside away from the misery of the ice planet. Okay that last part is for us misguided people living in a place that has winter. But seriously, a warmer, brighter, colorful time of year is a much better time to start anything fresh. Your mind is clear and you get to wear less clothes. Baby grass Jamie Vesay 2WM TRD IMG_7312 - Version 2

Yes, January is the beginning of the calendar. They call January 1st New Year’s Day. It’s when you’re suppose to start new diets or buy storage bins and sort through your crap. The commercials are rampant with organizing your life, make a list of goals, get on some sort of medication, buy stuff in a bundle, just do something!

Spring makes more sense because it’s a season. There’s more time to plan, to design, and to do in small portions. And if you’re one of those bitter winter people, you know how absurd it is to own big coats and hope for more daylight to get through January.

I’m voting for Spring to be the new January. It feels like better timing. Who’s with me?

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