Production Nirvana

It is a feeling – when a creative project’s subject matter or locations or fellow crew or all of the above meet… production joy happens.

Perhaps it was a concept design meeting or brain-storming session or a shoot, which you find yourself walking away from feeling THIS is why I do what I do. Things clicked. Weather was optimum. The light was… awesome. Shots were magical. The vibe was perfect.

Production nirvana. If you experienced it, you know. If you haven’t, you must do so… to understand. Production nirvana.

On a few of mine, the location was the obvious embrace. Natural locations; from coastal towns to annual harvests to national parks. Special places that instantly warm you prior to frame one.

People do it to me too.

I have met centurions for a project and wept as they told stories from their childhood. I experienced double nirvana on the same project when we returned to film them. I experienced young kids with troubled beginnings that were rescued by forces greater than us all. The project was for a cause. It too made me cry.  A good cleansing cry.

When I work with top-shelf professionals, from the crafts to on-camera talent, and the collaboration turns out to be a wonderful overall fit – it overwhelms me and stirs me to career pause. It is inspirational nirvana.

I relish that I’ve been paid to: watch sunrises and sunsets, scout beaches, go fishing, interview unique characters, play golf, travel, eat new foods, and set-off fireworks. We all have a list of notes we can compare. Never ever feel like you have done enough – yet.

One wonders, out of all the projects there will ever be, why can’t they all be like this? Until then, I wish production nirvana for you all. When you feel it once you will wish it too. Promise.


Content COPYRIGHT Jamie Vesay   USE requires permission.

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