Scouting for Soul Food

Road to heaven near Petersburg NE Treated Jamie Vesay WM IMG_1818 - Version 2
Some times, you just have to get in your vehicle and drive…

As part of my job, I am often asked to scout for locations that reside in the country. Some call it rural, others assume the middle of nowhere.  I say, I could do this scout every day.  The metaphors about roads and getting-away-from-it-all are too plentiful. Perhaps another case of over-thinking the simplest of things.  Ironic, that many of us are so busy driving everywhere except where we want to go, we have little time left over to drive where we want to go, for ourselves, with ourselves.

Then there are days when I don’t have anything specific to find but a drive is in order. In most cases, curiosity will literally take me down that road where I always wondered “What is down there?”  Or it could be on the way to somewhere else but I’ve seen that same route too many times.  Always opt for the scenic route or go the other way.

Just get in your vehicle and drive.  Yes, keep an eye on the road but discover the sky and creativity of the clouds.  Pause randomly and look as if you were the widest of camera lenses.  Wave back to the passing farmer because he’s going to wave at you.


A little life location scout of your own will do good.  Think of it as inspiration.  Imprint it to your soul.  Enjoy the journey.  Relish the stops.  Call it back and rediscover it another day.  Make the time – even if you’re going tomorrow.Sun beams from the clouds over AG Treated Jamie Vesay WM IMG_1849 - Version 2

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