More Collaboration Please

Stone steps at Pedernales SP TX Jamie Vesay IMG_0264 - Version 2 treated and WMWM

I work with independent creative minds. Most days, it’s a blessing. Other times, a curse.

Think about all the flavors you would need to combine when trying to come up with a next new flavor. When it works, it feels like it happened relatively easy. When it tastes like crap or isn’t happening or you’re at it alone – once again, you wonder ‘Why is this so difficult?”

All of us have a slightly different definition of Collaboration. I like the Merriam-Webster added value of “Especially in an intellectual endeavor.”  But what is it?

Here would be a good place for that “I don’t know how to explain it but I know it when I see it” line but I’ll refrain. Truth is, you have already experienced some sort of collaboration in your lifetime. Did you notice? Was it good? Are you now addicted?

I know I am.

Collaboration for me is working on a film set or brainstorming with writers or working out the perfect location for a photograph. Within my business, when it works well, I call it Production Nirvana. If this genuinely raw, exhilarating collaboration happens to you – trust me, you will indeed want more – and soon.

Surrounding yourself with genuine collaborators can be challenging. If you work within a non-creative environment it can be non-existent. If you think a staff meeting to review the weekly plan or to get caught up with the latest greatest work news and half of the people in the room would rather be checking their social network status (and they are) – then that is not collaborating.

Me?  I am hungry as hell for more of it. If you want to make creative motion pictures within a collaborative environment – I would love to hear from you.

You?  Well if you have already tasted it, you know. If you have not, it might take a bit of hard work to get there. But try.

Climb the steps. Do better than good-enough. I dare you to do it just once.


Words and photo COPYRIGHT Jamie Vesay  USE requires permission.

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