What is Over-Produced?

“We don’t want this project over-produced.”

I pause.  I take four deep breaths – and retort, What the hell does that mean?

Help me understand.  You don’t want more than five people on the crew because…?  Is it the budget?  Is the design to be deliberately make-it-up-as-you-go?  Or is there just no design?

I merely want to make sure you know what Producing means before you confuse it with collaboration by a pro.  Firstly,  a disclaimer: the term Producer has become a misused title by newbies and hobbyists.  I apologize for them and any confusion to you.

Producing a project properly takes experience and confidence.  A true Producer is a leader who controls the project.  They are your partner.  If they have any salt or street cred, you should travel through the production process unscathed and clear of any expectation of chaos.   Often, there are hundreds of details to gather on a project and most are never seen by the client. Least that’s the way it should be.  Good producing is like acting.  When done well, you don’t notice it being done.

Producers do the bullshit.  You should get to be one thing – creative.

Hire a professional.   Give smooth and fun a try on the next one.  Ultimately, every project should be nothing short of Production Nirvana.

You deserve it.

Photos and words COPYRIGHT Jamie Vesay 2012  ANY USE requires permission.


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