Free = Non Cents

Please support your local economy.My job is within the production of moving and still pictures. I have done so for twenty-five years. Most times, I find locations and coordinate all production logistics on a commercial level. I have worked on movies, corporate films, music videos, and many other productions. I have done so and do these things – for a living.

A living means getting paid for what you do. It is a simple concept. Similar to your Dentist or Dog Groomer or the Lawn Guys;  I provide a service for a fee. Many people outside the production biz with “real jobs” do these tasks too. They show up, do their work, and also – get a check.

Please tell me how this concept of FREE LABOR got started?

Why be in business of any kind and give it away all the time? Doing so alters the local economy. Challenges of producing a steady paycheck in the creative business are many, especially when you’re self-employed. While my job is often performed within a hip, creative environment and I get to see fantastic places and meet incredible people, it should not devalue the ideal of it being a paying job. I like what I do. You CAN enjoy a job.

Let me be clear.

Working on a real movie crew for pay and making a movie with friends for no money are two different things. The former being a job that provides an income to a family and contributes to a local economy.This is what I’m talking about here. Sure it is glamourous to have a movie shot in your State (least it used to be) but the popularity of filming incentives are about economics and paying jobs.

Making a movie with friends and not getting paid, although admirable and respected because you’re realizing a dream with sparse resources, is a hobby. You are not part of the working crew or the local production market.

Let me be clear II. I am not talking about PSAs and charity pro bono work for a cause or fair trade.

I get the up-and-coming want-a-be and breaking-in thing. We were all there once. But how much FREE can you do before qualifying your passion as a career? If you feel like you still want to work with friends on personal projects – for free – knock yourself out. Good for you. I am merely suggesting that after you are paid once, charge for your services the next time. When you don’t charge, it reflects negatively on a local working market and does nothing for the infrastructure of the future.

No matter what you do in life – when you love it and you’re doing it, there’s nothing better. Now imagine calling that a job and even a career if you are paid for your hard work. This is what I do.

The art, creativity, and collaborations are icing on one of the most rewarding gigs in the universe. A gig that pays.

Content COPYRIGHT Jamie Vesay 2012-2016   USE OF requires permission.


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