Jamie Vesay

Collaborator to Filmmakers, Photographers, and Creatives – mostly within the commercial advertising realms and budgeted projects.

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I prefer to PLUS the boards, shoot BETTER locations, collaborate with the ENTIRE crew, and bust ass toward KILLER results. As a Leader of creative pros, I guide the project within a professional PROCESS, proper story-telling, OPTIMUM photography – and FUN.

Respectful of the CREATIVE, sensitive toward CALENDAR, conscious of BUDGET.

Ask me.          jamievesay@gmail.com


Avalon 25 Years Ago

In 1989, I traveled to Baltimore, Maryland. It was there where it all began. My wonderful journey into the fantastical business of making motion pictures. Twenty five years ago this year! If you are reading this in October or November, it was these months when we were working on Barry Levinson’s movie Avalon. The movie was released in 1990.

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I have set up a blog site about the experience. I call it the Special Effect of Avalon. It is a simple stopover to share and remember the stories from the set.

If you were part of the Crew, we worked together. Perhaps you were an Actor or an Extra. Maybe you were a citizen of Baltimore in 1989 watching it all happen or you are connected to it in some other way. If you were close to it, the effects are probably special to you too. Over the years, I have gushed about the production experience and how it was and still is, in my opinion, the high-water mark of what working on a movie should be… collaborative, family, and memorable. This movie and the connected production experience made a positive impact on my career – and life.

Avalon crew jacket CRP Jamie Vesay IMG_2847 - Version 2

I invite you to engage at Avalon25.com and / or on the companion Facebook page. Share a story or photo or more…

And to all of my fellow crew, thank you.

My Book: Creating Scenic Overlooks in New Mexico

Creating Scenic… NM 2014-09-25 at 10.36.50 AMI am proud to announce the publishing of my new photo book!  A visual collection of images and words, Creating Scenic Overlooks in New Mexico is equal parts travel journal, photography, love letter, and life metaphor.

Reflecting on the diverse land, wide sky, honored architecture, tasty food, and diverse animals, I suggest a scenic overlook can be anywhere that feels good – to you. Although there are no hot-air balloons or snow, I think I captured enough of this scenic southwest State in America to tantalize you to visit…

Modest in size (10×8 inches or 25×20 cm) and brief on pages (28) but robust in photos (65+) it is a big THANK YOU for the gift of scenery in the United States – and life.

See the publishing site page via Blurb by tapping a photo or the Title or here. There is now an E version for iPad (only). Click HERE for that one. You can choose to purchase or simply share it throughout the social networks.  Thank you.

And / or to see select images from the book, visit my Images page Please know that my watermark will not appear on any ordered photos.

Thank you so much for your support and continued followship – and love.Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 2.25.00 PM


Shooting Golf

Shooting on golf courses is a mixed blessing on multiple levels. Being outside all day, watching clouds and wildlife, the quiet…

Bayside Golf course TRD WM2x IMG_0693 - Version 2 copyThe challenges include – the weather telling you when to shoot, the golfers not really caring about the shots you need, and if you like the game, it can hurt watching everybody else play when you are working. No matter, since the “worst” day shooting on a golf course still beats the best day shooting in any studio.

Here are a few tips to shoot commercial photography or motion on a golf course:

  • Choose holes on the back nine if possible. Ideally, #’s 17 and / or 18. Even the earliest golfers won’t arrive there until later. Plus these holes are usually located closer to the parking lot or clubhouse (making for better access).
  • It helps tremendously if you and / or your camera operator play golf. Knowing the nuances of the game, from etiquette to wardrobe to pace of play, can benefit you.
  • Weather can kill you – literally. Lightning loves golf courses and finds them from far away. Be prepared to take shelter! Have an escape plan.
  • Establish a working relationship with the Greenskeeper. You’ ll need their support carts and general guidance. Plus, you’ll be standing on their baby.
  • Yield to golfers. They have the right of way.
  • At stuffy old-school country clubs or private courses, a strict dress code may be enforced. Stuff like no jeans, collared shirt, etc. might apply to you.
  • Know the course by hole, by building, via access roads, and short-cuts.
  • Check with the sprinkler schedule. If they are on automatic, you’ll need to know when they blow and if they can be shut off.
  • Respect the staff, the game, and the land. They will give back if you do.

Have fun.

Photos and words COPYRIGHT Jamie Vesay 2014  ANY USE requires permission.